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On this Website we are proud to present our collection of beautiful ladies headwear designed to enhance and to enrich your special occasion. Our Tiaras, Combs and Headbands are all made using top quality materials such as Swarovski Crystals, Diamante, Hawaiian Pearls and Austrian Beads. We use fabulous Feathers and sumptuous Sinamay to enrich our Fascinator collection, all unique designs expertly crafted just for you.

Our speciality is in creating a unique design to your own individual requirements, made with loving care to match and to enhance your special outfit, all at a reasonable price to you.

Our collection of beautiful headwear can enhance your extra special day and complete the individual look that will remain in the memory of everyone there with you to share your day.

International orders are welcome.

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What is a Fascinator ?

From Longman Family Dictionary: Fascinate - To transfix by an irresistible mental power, to attract strongly, esp by arousing interest; captivate ~vi to be irresistibly attractive - Fascinator n, Fascinatingly adv, Fascination n.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: A Fascinator is a fashion accessory, more commonly worn by women, on the head or in the hair. While it is simply defined as a head scarf, it may be anything from a small hair piece to a more complicated creation, but generally it is less substantial than a hat. It may be made from many materials, e.g. feathers or lace, and attaches to the head by varying means.

Ladies Headwear and Racing

Camilla and friends will be seen wearing their Fascinators, otherwise known as Feather Fascinators or Fascinator Hats, at the Horse Races - Royal Ascot Ladies Day or Goodwood or Cheltenham Gold Cup or the Derby at Epsom or even the Kentucky Derby. Camilla loves to show off her Feather Fascinator Hats in competition with her friends who are wearing their own Feather Fascinator Hats in order to enhance their top fashion outfits.